Executive Luxury Custom Mobile Office Designs

Ensure that you never leave the comfort of your office with a custom Sprinter mobile office from Chalmers Automotive. You’ll be amazed to discover just how luxurious a custom-built mobile office space can be. Whether you frequently work on the go or simply want a comfortable and relaxing location to impress clients during transit, our Mercedes Sprinter mobile office conversionsĀ are certain to fit the bill.

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinter Mobile Office

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From the comfort of your mobile office, you can conduct business as usual from anywhere in the world. Our vehicles can be appointed with extras such as telephone service, satellite internet, and much more. In addition, you’ll enjoy working in an environment that feels more like an office than the inside of a vehicle! Plush chairs and rich woodwork ensures that you’ll maintain the executive feel you want in your luxury conversion van.

In addition to meticulous design and comfort standards, Chalmers Automotive uses only the highest quality mechanical parts in our custom conversion vans. Your new land yacht will be powered by the Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC Turbocharged V6-CDI Diesel Powerplant engine, known for its efficiency and power. Other parts can be added or changed as needed to ensure optimal functioning of your vehicle inside the passenger cab and under the hood.