The 10 passenger van is one of our most common choices for customization. It is our middle size, between the 12 passenger and 8 passenger models, offering a lot of room without a lot of cost. These vans are designed to seat 10, but most of our clients end up rearranging the seating area in the process of designing a totally custom Mercedes Sprinter. The resulting arrangements usually seat between six and eight, depending on what is needed.

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Losing those two seats from the stock design provides a lot of room for anything you could want to add. Many of our customers choose to personalize with tables, beverage bars, and more. Whatever your goals, we can customize a 10 passenger van to meet them. Look at some of the work we’ve done in the past, and you’ll see just how many uses exist for this kind of custom vehicle. From transporting a sports team to creating a mobile party spot, different interior designs can provide a totally different experience for the passengers. What’s your goal? Whatever you need, our custom Mercedes Sprinter design and construction experts can make it happen. We specialize in the highest quality workmanship and use only the best materials, ensuring you get the kind of vehicle you want with enough durability to last for years into the future. From top quality wood to brand name audio and visual components, everything within the passenger compartment is hand selected. Under the hood, your machine is designed for performance and durability. These vans are everything you would expect from the performance driven Mercedes Benz company.