When your team travels in comfort and style, you’ll notice the difference in every member’s performance. For small teams traveling frequently, nothing can beat Mercedes van conversions for comfort, value, and efficiency. Our Sprinter vans are completely customized to meet your team’s unique needs. Whether that means a few simple customizations to add your logo or a complete renovation to give your team a home away from home, our team is up to the task.

From cushioned chairs designed for comfort on long trips to specialized rear storage compartments made for holding all your sports equipment, nothing is impossible with a custom Sprinter van. Golf teams particularly enjoy the comfort provided by our customizations. The team size is the perfect fit for this kind of van, and carrying clubs and other golf accessories without specialized storage can really be a pain. Our teams love the custom carrying compartments we can build into the back of our vehicles. Your clubs can be stowed safely away in a location where they cannot fall over or become damaged, yet don’t take up too much room.

Like all custom Sprinter vans we make, our University sports teams van conversions use only the highest quality materials. From high grain durable hardwoods to leather, the interior compartments are certain to be durable and attractive to handle even the roughest use by tired players. The mechanical components of our Mercedes van conversions are just as durable. Our vans use the standard Mercedes engine, which provides the power and reliability that have long made Mercedes cars the luxury vehicle of choice for many of the world’s elite.

University Sports Team Vans Starting at $96,900