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8 Passenger Van

8 Passenger Van Conversions

The 8 passenger van is our smallest, but that doesn't limit the design possibilities, or our creativity! This economical option still leaves plenty of room for all the additions and all the configurations you might want for your custom Mercedes Sprinter. This van still has the characteristic width and height that makes the Sprinter such a good choice for customizations. In addition, everything you'll find under the hood still has the same power and performance design that has made Mercedes the go-to luxury brand across the world.

Luxury Custom Packages Starting at $89,900 

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When it comes to the interior design, there are many different options available for 8 passenger models. We'll start the design process with a thorough discussion of your exact needs. Our designs can suit an incredible variety of purposes, from transporting a traveling sports team in comfort to serving as a mobile business hub, or even a family vehicle. Whatever your design goals, our team has the knowledge and experience to make them a reality. Every custom Mercedes Sprinter we design and built is handcrafted to exact specifications. We accept nothing but the best for our customers, from initial design specifications to the most minute detailing within the interior. We get all of our interior components from proven suppliers, whose work has been used in our vehicles for years. This track record ensures that you can buy with confidence, knowing everything in your vehicle is made to the most exact standards.

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