Your Mobile Office – Part 1

Your Mobile Office – Part 1

Options for mobile printing in your mobile office – Part 1

Mobile printing options have a great many considerations for professionals on the move. Is the ability to print core to completing business transactions or marketing materials? Is convenience a factor? The following scenarios are the top three to address printing options for mobile offices.

Outsource your printing

Printing at an available office center or waiting to return to a main office is a viable choice. Since this choice entails no immediate equipment, save for a USB drive to save files, it is simple and trouble-free. An internet printer can be installed on mobile equipment so that when a print job is sent, it’s immediately transmitted or “spooled” in the traditional manner over the web and on to the physical printer in your mobile office.

You may have a physical printer located at your branch office, or an outsourced print shop. These print shops may allow a direct connection to their equipment via the internet. In fact, some locations will hold the job in memory until your arrival so that there is no opportunity for the misappropriation of a print job. If security is not an issue, the print job can be packaged and waiting for fast pickup and deployment. Also, if the printing outlet offers the service, delivery of completed print jobs. Of course, proximity and time of day are important factors when considering a delivery.

A mobile professional can work just about anywhere geographically thanks to the advent of full featured mobile offices but a trip to the countryside to complete a contract that requires a papers printed upon completion would stress the ability to outsource one’s printing. A best case scenario might be the delivery of documents while still at a client’s site. In the future, drone delivery is sure to enter the equation increasing the number of options.

Use a physical printer in your mobile office

A physical printer inside your mobile office might appear to be the ultimate convenience. A solution to the dilemma of needing to print on the go. However, including one presents challenges. Space and accessibility aren’t the only factors one needs to consider when outfitting your mobile office with a printer. Printers require toner or ink and their storage can be problematic if temperatures or humidity go outside of the manufacturer’s recommended range. Toner, if subjected to excessive moisture, might coagulate or fail to adhere to the page. Business documents are often printed with the highest quality, as they can be seen as a reflection of your to detail, so copies turned out in substandard fashion can leave a bad impression.

In a similar fashion, inkjet ink can become highly irregular and failed to print in a consistent manner. It may leave streaks or fades throughout text and graphics. The storage environment of color ink has a considerable effect on the quality and consistency of color accuracy. This can be disastrous for marketers who closely guard their brand and can’t tolerate various shades of their logos and other materials.

Further Considerations

Further complicating the adoption of physical printers in the mobile office is the possible mishandling of a toner cartridge or an inkjet tank. This could spell disaster for your business attire or the upholstery in your vehicle. Laser printers pose a particular problem for the vehicle’s battery and power system. These printers require enormous power draw the device initializes and charges the drum.

The current draw at start-up can be seven or more times the average operating current of the printer. Subsequent recharging may occur when the printer switches from an idle to full-power state, thus further stressing the electrical system.

Technology today lets us accomplish amazing things that were only conceptual or in sci-fi films just a short time ago. Now business owners can use technology to scale and extend their capability and presence, wherever they are. Choose wisely and you can work from anywhere, at any time. Your work will be more efficient so you can get more done, do it faster, and make more money.

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Your Mobile Office – Part 2

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