Options for mobile printing in your mobile office – Part 2

Options for mobile printing in your mobile office – Part 2

Mobile printing options have a great many considerations for professionals on the go. Is printing core to completing business transactions or marketing materials? What is the most cost effective method and is convenience a factor? There are a number of paperless options available to address printing needs in the mobile office and we’ve summarized a few below.

Go paperless and print electronic documents

The technology to create a paperless office is finally here! Educating users and the necessity of going mobile is increasing the adoption rate exponentially. Once consumers see its utility, they quickly start embracing the new technology and find new ways to incorporate it into their workflow and business practices. For mobile offices, this saves money, time, postage, space, and improves the security of documents through a digital chain of custody. There is also a reduction in noise being able to instantly provide clients with documentation in digital format near instantaneously. This further increases customer satisfaction.

It is eco-friendly, too, which can garner your business points toward a green designation if so desired. The space advantage is pretty substantial. The space taken up by some printers and/or multi-function units can accommodate a whole new workstation, or for the more daring, another mini-fridge! Printers do emit a small amount of pollution and those tiny particles can quickly multiply over the course of a long trip. They can also smell through ink, toner, or cheap paper stock. There’s also the lingering smell from electricity, or ions/charged particles, in particular with laser printers. Even if you’re not sensitive to these smells, your customers might be.

Your IT support staff will love you if you give up printers. The adage that technology makes our lives easier sometimes seems like an unobtainable objective. Too often, new printer software and drivers cause problems before they make things easier. These issues can compound the workload of IT workers. By skipping the printer altogether, you’ll earn the accolades of your favorite IT gurus when they no longer have to order ink, toner, printer supplies, or clear paper jams. And most importantly, you will not be inconvenienced by out of stock items and fouled equipment.

The Hybrid Model

You say you just can’t live without a physical printer inside your mobile office? Alright then. We’ll use it, but only when necessary. Maybe a small percentage of your clients require that paper copy of an invoice, or your customer wants a photo printed on-site. Therefore we’ll stick with digital documents whenever possible and revert to physical paper when there’s no other choice. There are models of printers that are ultra-portable and can be tucked away when not needed. As for scanners, there have been some significant advances in mobile tech that allow users to scan photos and documents using just their Android or iPhone device. PhotoScan and Photomyne come to mind.

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