Outfitting Your Mobile Office with Tech – Mobile Phones

Outfitting Your Mobile Office with Tech – Mobile Phones

Outfitting Your Mobile Office with Tech – Mobile Phones

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Technology today lets us accomplish some amazing things that were only conceptual just a short time ago. Now business owners can use technology to scale and extend their capability and presence. Enter, the mobile office. Choose wisely and you can work from anywhere, at any time. As a result, you’ll get more done, do it faster, and make more money.

When choosing a mobile phone, you can’t really go wrong choosing a phone based upon Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android. Both platforms have large ecosystems and can run a variety of business related apps that enhance your productivity. Sure, Blackberry and Windows have some decent hardware. But, the limited amount of apps available to them limit the usefulness of these products. If Windows actually launches a Surface phone that enjoys the large Windows Store, we may revisit our recommendation.

We Have Options

With our list narrowed down to Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, you’re still left with a bevy of choices, especially on the Android side. If you’re already taking mobile payments as part of your mobile office push, you might be inclined to re-adopt the platform you’re already using, though some savvy business professionals keep a device of each type on hand just for handling payments whether it be Apple Pay, Android Pay, or one of the cross platform solutions. Let’s compare the overall technology considerations that can be used for either Apple or Android devices.


Is being waterproof a necessity? If you spend time getting in and out of your mobile office in inclement weather, this could be important. Android phones have long had rugged and waterproof selections to choose from. You can read the fine print and optionally add a waterproof case if warranted. The newest iPhone, the iPhone 7, is touted as a waterproof device but this is the only Apple product to have this capability out of the box.

Sharing Options

Next, screen sharing is another consideration and it has become very popular. Apple has made it super simple and secure via AirPlay and the Apple TV. If your mobile office has presentations as part of its function, you’re going to want to leverage this technology to your advantage. Would you like to present to an audience in your mobile office? Alternatively you could have a potential hire view a video before an interview?

Some marketers will display their iPhone’s screen on an internal monitor while simultaneously duplicating it on a screen built into the side of their mobile office vehicle or even upon a screen that’s being towed on a special multimedia trailer. Android’s answer o AirPlay is Chromecast and it’s every bit as easy to use. Ultimately, there are a number of ways to display video from your phone onto a screen, all of which could be beneficial to the mobile professional.

Stay Connected

A reliable internet connection is a must in any modern office which absolutely includes the mobile office. This is where things get interesting. Consequently, the very nature of a mobile office dictates that a carrier that provides great coverage is a necessity. But even the most comprehensive network has weak spots, and this is where Google’s “Project Fi” steps in.

Project Fi Combines the coverage from 3 carriers delivering a reliable source of mobile data for your phone and devices you allow to link to it via hotspot. It even allows your Android phone to call out via an available Wi-Fi network. This can be useful if you find yourself outside of standard coverage. Project Fi includes international coverage in 135+ countries which should be more than adequate for US users making the occasional trip over our northern or southern border. Sorry Apple users, for now this is an Android only advantage.


Next, for specific mobile phone models, you’ll want to match up your tech needs with any of the phones listed here. Apple has some solid choices ranging from the iPhone 5S, with its 64bit microprocessor, on up to the current iPhone 7s. Android, the market leader, has many more compelling choices in late 2016 with several of the tech community’s favorites listed below. COnIt’s hard to go wrong when picking any of these highly capable phones but do your homework and don’t consider any model mentioned here as a blanket endorsement:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge (This phone doesn’t have the infamous battery issue)
  • Moto Z and Moto Z Force 
  • Nexus 6P
  • ZTE Axon 7 
  • HTC 10 
  • LG G5

In short, the options are endless. Consequently, we can help you pick out the perfect device for every need.

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