The Van Master at Chalmers Automotive – Part 2

The Van Master at Chalmers Automotive – Part 2

 Things to know before you make a buying decision on your Luxury Custom Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van, Ford Transit Van or Dodge ProMaster Van.

 We are one of the oldest and most respected Custom Up-Fitters in the industry. We have designed hundreds of Vans and each one of them were different and special. Our clients are from all parts of the world.

Chalmers Automotive wants to thank you for your interest in our products.

Mercedes-Benz Conversion Vans

Your interest in a custom designed, engineered and manufactured product tells us about your discerning taste. At Chalmers, we deliver value, quality and luxury with world class service. 

We want you to be aware of what you get from Chalmers Automotive.

Shop and Compare…you’ll come to one conclusion. Every manufacturer will tell you they are the best. How do they put your vehicle together? Here are a few questions you should ask our competitors.

We are ever evolving cutting edge audio and video, using the latest in electronic innovations and technology. We use the highest quality components with professional installations. Triple PVC insulated wiring, pure sine wave inverters, military grade isolators, circuit boards and custom relay boards. This will ensure years of trouble free service. What do they use?

It’s what’s inside that counts.

C ustom Mercedes-benz-sprinter-vans


Our Astro Shield insulation improves the efficiency of the air and heat system as well as noise reduction, it’s fire retardant. We don’t use fiberglass batting insulation. Do they?

Astro Shield Installation

Interior Wood

Our ceiling and side wall material is a composite material it’s light weight and strong. Most manufacturers are concerned with the cost of materials, not the quality of construction so they use plywood which is about a 6th of the cost. We build world class vehicles with world class materials. What do you want in your build?

Custom Mercedes-Benz

Custom Framing

Our frames are aircraft aluminum with aluminum rivets or nuts and bolts. Not 2X2s or 2X4s with screws that work loose over time. Aluminum keeps the weight down, safer and stronger.

Custome Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

At Chalmers Automotive our side walls are covered in foam (double insulation) we then use matching soft touch synthetic leathers (not cheap fabric) it’s easy to clean, lends to a better fit and finish, the look is luxurious. Our ceilings are covered in automotive suede (not ceiling fabric), what do you want in your van?


Do you want world class audio and video equipment? JL Audio amplifiers, speakers and sub woofers are standard equipment in our builds .Smart TV, I-Pad Apple TV with Android and Apple apps .Wireless internet router for high speed internet access is standard. The audio and video experience is Awesome. Stainless steel cup holders (not plastic), Aluminum mag wheels by Mercedes-Benz, real hardwoods and burl veneers with M.L. Campbell finishes like you would find in a private jet (not hydro graphics on MDF ) we do it right!

Mercedes Conversion Van

We build products that will last for many years of trouble free travel and we back it up with our 3 year unlimited mile warranty. No tricks, no gimmicks “if it’s not right we make it right”! 

Allow us the opportunity to build your one of a kind world class work of art.

Compare Value, Quality, Service, Coachwork, Design and Materials you’ll come to the same conclusion…Chalmers Automotive is your best choice.

You’re going to Enjoy the Ride

1420 Gentry Street, North Kansas City, MO 64116

(816) 472-5050 Office

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